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Strokemark has a wealth of information on their website. I like the articles. They are practical, make sense, and are backed by studies and the latest technology. The online community, Stroketalk, is very informative with a wide variety of supporters whose views are from their first-hand knowledge.

I am grateful that Strokemark helps the community of stroke survivors and their caregivers. And I’m grateful that they helped to share my story.

Dave Aquilante, Bethany Beach, DE

I received your emails with links, and I thank you for the information. I have always believed that you will find answers in the most unusual places. You have given me a clue that may solve my wrist and hand issue. Your article that mentioned the median nerve led me to a condition that I will mention to my doctor in my next visit.

Now I know that there may be something that I haven’t tried that can help. Thank you for your responsiveness, I think I may be on to something.

Rick Porter,  Baldwinsville, NY

I am very pleased with my experience being a member of Strokemark. The Facebook members have offered inspiration and ideas that I am implementing. The team members have been very helpful and responsive. I am glad I found them. I have been passing on things that I learn, in hopes that it will help others

Norman Carl,  Linglestown, PA

Thank you for your „How do you relax?“- Strokemark Members Sharing Notes segment. This is very helpful. It helps me to understand that I am not alone in these feelings of anxiety, and I have passed this segment along to my husband to help him understand what I’m going through.

Enthusiastic Strokemark Member